Weddings: A Return to Luxury

September 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is the greatest news ever! In the last 10 years true celebrations are fewer and far between with the economy, the war, and natural disasters. The wedding is a true reason to celebrate and may be one of the few lavish celebrations in each of our lives. Here are some of the ways luxury is making a come back…

Black Tie is Back
You can’t get more luxurious than this. It’s amazing how attire can amp up the class factor.

Vintage Luxury Cars
Goodbye to exiting in an old farm truck or bicycle. Leave your wedding in true class and style.

White Palettes
This look is so elegant and can also work in favor for the budget bride as well. There are plenty of white flowers to choose from and white standard linens all of which are more budget friendly decor.

All White Bridal Party
Some brides aren’t willing to compromise on this one, but with the royal wedding this year and several celebrity weddings breaking the no white rule, it stands to be a trend. If you are brave enough, it can really class up your event.

Formal Can Still Have Personality
Find ways to let your personality come through. Shoes, veil, wedding cake, centerpieces…a little goes a long way.

The Night Goes On
It doesn’t have to end with the reception. Here’s how the timeline trend is going.
*Photos before the ceremony, meaning the bride and groom see eachother before. Brides don’t want to miss any part of the party.
*Sunset ceremony for ambiance
*Dinner. This is a huge part of the event, sharing a meal together.
*Light dancing with all guests, including some of the elderly.
*Disco. Pure, unadulterated fun. At this point, those who don’t want to party have left.

Surprises Are a Must
The wedding actually isn’t all about the bride. It’s become a way to celebrate and treat the guests to a great night. Brides are looking for ways to wow their guests.

Food Trucks
Keeping guests well fed in 15 minute incriments is becoming huge. This is actually a big trend in New York and Austin. My favorite is a bakery truck where guests can pick out their favorite pastries for breakfast the next morning!


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