TGI{DIY}Friday :: Moss Letters

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, this little craft is nothing new, but I think it is super cute. Last weekend, at The Plantation House, the bride brought out her cute little moss letters that she had made. We ended up hanging them on our balcony and they were so beautiful. You can find the same thing at Pottery Barn, but for $79.00 a letter

I know our bride did not spend that kind of money, because she and her mom made them.

Here’s What You Need

*Your letter of choice and size

*Super Moss Preserved Sheet Moss

*Hot Glue Gun

*Ribbon of Choice

*Scissors or Rotary Cutter

This is a 12” Paper Mache Letter. You can choose any size and style you like.

This is the Instant Green moss. Lay out your sheet of moss and place the letter on the back of the moss. Trace your letter and then cut it out of the sheet.

Take your hot glue gun and start putting the glue all over the letter. Place the moss over the glue and let dry.

You can either hot glue or tack the ribbon to the back of the letter, or it’s pretty cute just propped up without a ribbon too.

I found all of the supplies you would need for this craft at Joann Fabric and Craft Store

These letters are not only great for weddings, but also in your house! Warning, they can be messy. Just know when you are moving the letters around they can shed.



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