Top 10 Wedding Treats for the Guests Who’ve Seen it All

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The most important people at a wedding are the bride and groom. But, what about all the guests, especially the ones who have traveled? There has been an overwhelming trend of brides and grooms who want to treat their guests to a celebration and a “thank you” of sorts. It is not only a celebration of the union of marriage, but a celebration of the friends and family who love and support the bride and groom.


Here are some ways to treat your guests to an evening of bliss, happiness, and celebration.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

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Most guests are used to not getting anything to eat or drink until the reception starts. What a great way to treat your guests by giving them a light cocktail or a refreshing nonalcoholic drink. Definitely think something fruity, light, and cold.


Welcome Bags

Photography by Sarah Yates

This is a great idea, especially if you are getting married in a city that has a lot of personality and if you have a lot of guests coming in from out-of-town. Put together bags or boxes with snacks and unique items that represent you and the location of your wedding. Have them placed in your guests hotel room before they arrive.


Child Care

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I can not even begin to tell you what a great idea this is. If you have guests coming in from out-of-town, most of your guests may not know a sitter in the area to watch their kids. This means they have to bring them to the wedding. It might beĀ  great to arrange for a nanny, kid’s table, coloring books, activities, treats, and food that they would like. If kids are an issue, make sure you specify no children on the invitation.


Wedding Dress Change

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You might have your big, romantic, and heavy dress for ceremony, but if you want to party comfortably later on, you might consider changing into a shorter, sexier, lighter dress. Guests love this because the dress is such a huge part of the wedding and when they get 2 dress surprises, everyone leaves happy.


The VIP Lounge

Photography by Aaron Delesie

This is great for the guests who may want to take a break from dancing. The lounge allows the guests to grab a drink, sit, and have a conversation. The lounge furniture gives guests a comfy alternative to the rather uncomfortable seating options usually offered at weddings. It also gives guests the VIP treatment. You may want to place the lounge within view of the dance floor so those guests can still watch the dancing.


Mid-Night Snacks

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Keeping guests fed throughout the night will make for some very happy guests. After dinner and cake, you may want to offer some snacks as the guests leave the reception. Whether it’s sweet, salty, or breakfast for the morning, your guests will feel treated and well-fed.


Special Lighting

Photography by Adrienne Maples

Your DJs and videographers can offer more than just music and a video. See what they can do with the lighting. When looking at your venue you might not think about the lighting when the sun goes down. Special lighting will make your guests feel special and might even encourage everyone to let loose a little more than usual.


Wine Tasting at Cocktail Hour

Photography by Michael Bullock

I might not recommend this for a large wedding, but this could be a really nice treat if done right. You may have your bartender set up stations around the cocktail hour where your guests can take part in different wine tastings. You may have them taste all of you and your groom’s favorite wines or whatever theme you want to go with.


Only Serve Food You’d Want to Eat

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Don’t let your caterers talk you into fancy, frilly food you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with serving a good slider or mini hotdog. There is a “wedding food” type, and it can get a bad rap. Shock your guests by feeding them with food they would want to order if they went out to eat.


Your Party Doesn’t Have to End After You Throw the Bouquet

Photography by Krystal Mann

You don’t want to stop dancing, but your time at the venue is up? Plan an after party. After all, you have the rest of your life with your husband, but one night with all your guests. Plan something fun like karaoke, go to a lounge, or a cool local club to show your guests a fun late night on the town.



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