TGI{DIY}Friday :: Personalized Wine Glass

January 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

This project was one of the easiest I have ever done. I love it because you can use this cute wine glass idea for so many things. It would go great as a personalized place setting at a dinner party. Or, it could be a great gift given with a bottle of wine.

I actually had all of the supplies on hand, but even if you didn’t this is a very inexpensive craft. You need…

Wine glasses. Any size or shape you like.
Chalk board spray paint
Wax paper (I used foil and it worked fine)

1. Hold the glass, not the stem or the base.
2. Spray the paint on the base of the stem, going up the stem as far as you want. It may take about 1 1/2-2 coats.
3. Blot any excess drips under the base on the foil or wax paper.
4. Let the glass dry. Pick it up every so often to make sure it is not stuck to the foil/wax paper.
5. You are now ready to personalize your wine glass!



Exciting News!

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It is now completely official. I am now an Expert Blogger on Women’s Forum! What an honor this is and I am so excited to be a part of such a large network of women. is a network of sites reaching 20 million viewers per month. It offers an array of blogs and articles covering topics including food, style, love, parenting, and weddings!

I am beyond excited to begin this journey! I will keep you all updated when I contribute to the site, which will be about once every one to two weeks. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at my intro page to see what I will be bringing to!

Luxury is the Necessity that Begins Where Necessity Ends – Coco Chanel

January 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

So, I’m really into fur right now. This past Christmas, I got the most fabulous vintage mink stole. It doesn’t matter, real or faux, whatever you feel good in. The look is pure old Hollywood glamour. Take a moment to swoon over my latest fashion obsession.

Beauty Insider

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Every season, I get the urge to try something different with my makeup. If you are like me, I tend to get in a rut, applying the same shades and techniques because I don’t always have the time to experiment in the mornings. It can be incredibly frustrating and intimidating to walk up to a cosmetics counter or store and see all the colors and choices. Where do you even begin? Here are some of my tips and tricks to keeping a fresh face all year long.

My go to stores or counters are Estee Lauder, MAC, and Sephora. All three of these places will gladly help you update or change your look for FREE! So, here’s what to look and ask for when making your way to any of these places.

Estee Lauder
I have a little inside info here, since I used to work for the company. They offer Signature Services. Basically, when you walk up to the counter, the Beauty Advisor should hand you a menu offering you one of their services. Some of them include skin care, foundation match, two minute touch up, customer favorites, and new products. You can choose one or more of these complementary services and you are set with a new look. Another great perk of Estee Lauder, is that they truly value a good foundation match. They have a wide range of foundation types and colors and will gladly match your shade. If you don’t want to buy on the spot, ask for a foundation sample. I highly encourage this so you can see the shade in all types of lighting. The sample is supposed to last 10 days, but I’ve always been able to make it last about 20 days.

Going into MAC is like walking into a wonderland. So much color! The options can be quite scary, so it’s best to work with a consultant to get a little guidance. If you are wanting to change up your eye look, this is the best place to go. Once you get with a consultant, it’s good to let them know the look you are going for, especially if you are picky. Otherwise, let them work their magic. You may want an everyday look or a good night time option, either way, after they are done working on your eyes, you won’t want to wash it off. They are very good about instructing you on how to create the look on your own. What’s the freebie to ask for? Ask for a sample of their pigment. It is a highly concentrated color in a dusty/powder form. You can actually use this on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. A little goes a long way. I bought a regular size pigment 10 years ago and I haven’t even gotten half way through it!

This is a serious place. Anything beauty related, they have. Their consultants can help with just about everything from hair care to makeup brushes and everything in between. If you don’t have a Sephora near you, then they have a wonderful set up online and are always offering great deals and freebies with your purchase. My favorite thing about Sephora, is their Beauty Insider program. All you do is sign up and it doesn’t cost anything. You receive a card and every time you make a purchase, they scan your card. Every purchase amounts to a certain amount of points. When you get to 100 points, they give you your choice of a few products for free. I pretty much get something for free every time I buy something, so it’s not hard to accrue your points.

Some helpful tips when going out to get your free makeovers…

*If you can, go on a week day at a non peak time. Morning or early afternoon. This way the consultants can give you more attention and you are likely to get better service.
*Be very specific. You will be happier with the results. If there is something you do not like, do not hesitate to say what you think. It is a waste of everyone’s time if you go home unhappy.
*Try to make it to these stores with a clean face. The consultants will be happy to remove your makeup, but it makes it a little bit easier to visualize the new look when you start out with a fresh canvas.

Feminine Meets Masculine

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This past weekend was an exciting one. After much planning and preparation, wedding show weekend was finally upon us here in Austin. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of how it all went and how our vision truly came together in ways we couldn’t envision. 2012 has made me so thrilled to see all the new trends and how the ones from 2011 evolve into something even better than before. The planning process for our theme gave us the opportunity to try new things and come up with a look that was truly “Plantation House,” but with a twist of something new.

Our theme started out with thoughts of Ralph Lauren. He always creates a look that is both appealing to men and women. Feminine meets masculine, if you will. Isn’t that what marriage is all about anyway? We used wood, leather, pearls, antique pocket watches, china, old book pages, and clocks. A perfect mixture of items that are beautiful and strong.

We used old cigar boxes and antique leather flasks.

Leather wrapped around the bouquet and boutonniere

Artichoke place card holders

Silverware wrapped with leather

We partnered up with Pappas Catering and they served the most delicious poblano cream soup. Seriously, people were freaking out over this soup. One of my favorite parts of the day was the fashion show, styled by my good friend, Leonardo D’Almagro. He featured jewelry designs by Gay Isber and Beth McElhaney. I can’t wait to share more on these 3 fabulous people as the new year progresses! Overall, if was a fabulous day surrounded by incredibly creative and talented people!


Inspiration Boards :: Pears, Pie, & Cocoa

November 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Finally, the leaves are starting to change and fall from the trees. It is really beginning to look like a different season around here! Now I’m in the mood for Thanksgiving. Here’s what’s been inspiring me this week…

Camille Styles

Snippet & Ink

The Plantation House via Style Me Pretty

The Plantation House via Style Me Pretty

Chic Lady :: The Art Of Good Conversation

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Knowing how to converse in a polished way is a key skill to being a chic lady. It is important to learn how to visit with people of all different backgrounds and personalities. No one wants to be stuck with the person who is boring, talks too much, or talks too little.

Listening can be a harder skill to learn than talking. Most people have no problem talking about themselves. Make every effort to ask questions about things like vacations, shopping places, and hobbies. Avoid questions that bring up taboo subjects like politics, money, or religion. If you find the conversation coming to a halt, try including others around you into the conversation. When you respond to questions, always do so in a poised way. Never offer negative or controversial opinions.

Keep A Tight Lip
I know it can be hard, but try to use tact and discretion at all times. Bad conversation comes from those who talk too much. You can’t take back the things you say, so save your gossip and bashing for a very private conversation between your most trusted confidants.
Being funny can be a wonderful tactic in conversation, but try not to be humorous at the expense of others. You may get a laugh, but those laughing on the inside are disapproving on the inside.
Never brag or try to intimidate others with your brilliance or skills. Never make anyone feel inferior.
Always be sincere and don’t fake it if you don’t feel it. Do not say, “We should get lunch.” with no intentions of following through.

Speaking Properly
Speaking clearly and with diction is even more important than the words you are speaking. Avoid using made-up words and terms to make yourself easier to understand. Do you ever listen to your voice on a recording and cringe? Do you mumble or jumble your words? Do you use annoying catchphrases or filler words? Or worse, do you swear? Be mindful of the things you say and in the manner you say them. Make sure your volume is at a good level. Also, there is an art to making a stellar first impression by saying everything you need to say in as few words as possible.

Things You Should Never Do In A Polite Conversation
*Laugh too loud
*Talk about medical or emotional ailments
*Stand too close
*Talk about yourself too much

The Art Of Accepting A Compliment
Do not act shy or embarrassed when someone gives you a compliment. A simple smile and a thank you is the classiest and most chic way to react. Never agree with it, though.Try not to give away too much information. No need to say how much you spent on your dress or shoes. Keeping a bit of mystery is the best thing you can do.

The Art Of Giving A Compliment
As you are accepting compliments with grace, do not forget to give them out as well. As good as you feel as you receive a compliment, it will give others that same feeling. If you compliment too much, you may come off as insincere. Be careful to always say what you mean and mean what you say. Even if you have to consciously look for things that impress you enough to give a compliment. Be careful when complimenting an article of clothing, shoes, or handbags. Use caution when asking where the item was purchased. Some women don’t want to give away their favorite boutique. Never as about cost.

Remember that anyone can engage in a conversation. But a good conversation or a bad conversation can be the difference in a good time or a bad time. Don’t let your conversation skills intimidate you. It takes work and practice. Always go into conversational situations with intention, purpose, and awareness and you will be the one at the party everyone wants to talk to.