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Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend. I am always happy to have a weekend full of family and friends, but I still get excited to go back to work. As I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, 100 Layer Cake, a particular photo shoot really caught my attention. It was an engagement shoot that had just the right amount of sweet and sultry. I have to say that the clothing and accessories had a huge part in portraying that. As I went through to the end of the post to see where she got her stunning dresses, I saw that they were all from Rent the Runway. It made complete and total sense why I loved what she was wearing! I have never actually used Rent the Runway, but I’ve known several people who have. If you are not familiar with RTR, then it’s pretty simple. Here’s how it works…
*You sign up (it’s free), and browse the website. They have dresses and jewelry from so many wonderful designers. You can get the dress, jewelry, handbag, and even Spanx!
*You select the date you want your dress to arrive. They offer next day shipping. You are able to keep the merchandise for either 4 or 8 days.
*When you are done, just stick the dress back in the bag they provide and stick it in your mailbox.
*They offer stylist tips and advice to make sure you find the perfect fit for your body type.
*RTR sends 2 sizes in the dress that you order to make sure at least one of the dresses will work. You may even have a friend that can wear the other size, so maybe you can split the rental.
*RTR guarantees that the dress will fit. If for some reason it doesn’t they will issue a full merchandise credit.

My mind is spinning with all the ways that Brides can use RTR for pre-wedding festivities.
*Engagement shoots
*Bridal showers
*Bachelorette parties
*Rehearsal dinner
*After the wedding and reception

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot featured on 100 Layer Cake







White dress: Halston Heritage / Orange heels: Zara / Black & White Dress: Kate Spade


TGI{DIY}Friday :: Personalized Envelopes

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Happy Friday! It has been such a beautiful week here in Austin! I am looking forward to a fun weekend with family and celebrating my sister, Anna Beth’s 21st birthday.

I wanted to show you one of the easiest ways to dress up an envelope. This can be done with wedding, shower, or party invitations and even personal notes.

Here’s what you need…
Envelopes. Any size, shape, or color will do.
Glue or double stick tape
Any decorative paper you want




*Measure the paper you want to cover the space on the inside of the envelope and cut to size.
*Tape or glue the paper to the envelope. Do not cover the seal strip on the envelope.

Finished product!


Her Birthday :: What to Wear/Give

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I always seem to be rushing around at the last second whenever I have a birthday celebration to attend. Depending on the type of celebration, you have to figure out what to wear and more importantly what to give. Is it a milestone birthday? Is it a bestie or an acquaintance?

In honor of my sister’s 21st birthday this weekend, here are my suggestions on what to wear and what to give.

Love this dress from Anthropologie

Love the back of it even more

I completely adore these shoes from Shoemint

Of course, you have to have the purse to match.

What to Give

This delicious and chic candle

These gorgeous rose earrings

If you want to go the more personalized route, remember these wine glasses? Give with a great bottle of wine or champagne.

Top Picks For Spring

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With the temperatures in the 80-90 degree range, it is time to update my must-haves for this weather. Here are my top picks for this spring!

Short Shorts

Colored denim from J. Crew

Scalloped Hem from J. Crew

Colored Chino from J. Crew

Loose Tops

Knot Top from Zara

Polka Dot Button Down from Zara

Loose Tee from Zara


Cork Wedge from Zara

Wooden Wedge from Zara

T-Bar Wedge from Zara

For the Nails

Turquoise & Caicos by Essie

For the Skin

Hands down the best sunless tanning foam ever. I have tried them all. This has a natural color, does not streak or smell, and is less that $10 per bottle.

Wine Down Wednesday :: Skinny Margatini

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April is the perfect month for patio seating, cool drinks, and a good pair of sunglasses. A restaurant I’ve really been loving lately is Jasper’s in the Domain. Their happy hour is one of my favorites in Austin. My favorite is the Skinny Margatini. It’s the perfect mixture of tequila, agave nectar, and fresh squeezed lime served perfect with a browned sugar rim. If you order it at the bar or the patio, it is only $5!

Besides the stellar happy hour, Jasper’s food is to die for. The service and atmosphere make you truly feel VIP. Not only are they one of the best restaurants in Austin, but they cater as well. I can’t wait to have them cater at the Plantation House!

The Sweetest Day :: Celebrating the 700th wedding at The Plantation House

April 9, 2012 § 4 Comments

It was a typical weekend full of weddings at the Plantation House. We have always kept a running tally of the weddings we have hosted and we knew that the 700th was quickly approaching. As we were watching the bride and groom do their first dance it donned on us that this was our 699th wedding. Now to get to that number of weddings, I think, is quite an accomplishment. I knew in that moment that number 700 had to be special, memorable, and if possible, personal. The answer seemed to hit us all at once. We needed to have a vow renewal. This year my parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and it only made perfect sense to have them be the 700th wedding. Our minds immediately went into action as we were thinking of how to throw this together. We knew it had to be on Sunday (the next day) and we knew we had to do it right.

Sunday morning we woke up. We were exhausted from the 2 weddings we just completed that Friday and Saturday, but our excitement gave us the energy we needed. We salvaged flowers from the previous wedding and made bouquets. We saved a little piece of cake from the night before to display in the cake room. My parents decided to get ready separately so they could see each other for the first time at the ceremony. My husband, Tanner, prepared to perform the ceremony. My mom’s best friend, Millie was coming by to pick something up and she agreed to be our photographer. Here are some pictures of one of the best and sweetest weddings we’ve ever had.

The Bride

Matron of Honor

The Groom




She walked down to “Lady” by Kenny Rogers which was sung at their wedding 30 years ago.



“You complete me” were my dad’s vows to my mom.

It wouldn’t be complete without tons of laughter.

It’s a done deal




How we really are…



Toasting with their original flutes

First dance

Throwing the bouquet to their only guest and photographer


She got it!



Making a grand exit


Stopping to enjoy the petals


It was the perfect day and the best way to celebrate our 700th wedding! For more about the happy couple and their wedding 30 years ago, click here

Inspiration Boards :: Parisian Elopement

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For some reason lately, all I want to do is go on a secret getaway to Paris with my husband. The only thing more romantic is to actually go to Paris and elope. There is something about going off to a foreign place with hundreds of thousands of people and the only one you know is your love. Standing in your gown, your love in a tux under the witness of God and onlookers who are enamored with the thought of the love you must have for one another. For now, I am keeping my getaway obsession to perusing photos and living vicariously through those who have experienced the romance of eloping in a foreign country.


Snippet & Ink


The Plantation House via Style Me Pretty

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