Rent The Runway Part 2

August 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

Happy August! This is probably my least favorite month of the year. Especially when I was in school and then when I was a teacher. The start of school is no longer a threat to me, but for some reason the end of summer sadness still hits me. To perk things up, I thought I would follow up to my last post about Rent the Runway. My experience with the site has been absolutely wonderful!

Back in May, I wanted to rent a dress for my 5th wedding anniversary. As a first timer renting, I browsed the site and picked out my top three dresses. I wanted something girly, white, and summery. I noticed an icon on the screen labeled “chat with a stylist”. I clicked on it skeptical of how long it would take to get a response. Since you can’t try on the dresses, it’s hard to know how certain styles and designers fit. I typed in my size and body type and top three dress choices and simply asked which one would be best for me. Within one minute I had a detailed response and I knew exactly which dress I would choose. I proceeded to rent my selected dress and upon checking out found out they were offering free shipping that day (roughly $10.00 off). I received two dresses in the mail. One in my size and one size up. The one in my size fit perfectly.

Here’s the Anna Sui Ambrosia Lace Dress


I was so happy with my first experience that I decided to rent again for a trip I was taking to Las Vegas. I received a promo stating that I got a free dress rental on any dress. If you look at the site, there is a range of designers and rental prices. Because I had a free rental, I wanted to go all out and get an expensive one! The prices range from $40ish-$400. I was surprised to see that there weren't that many dresses on the expensive side. To be honest, I was a little frustrated because there were way more dresses for $40-$50 and they were all so cute. I didn't want to waste a free rental on a $50 dress when I could get one for $400. What I love is that you can read reviews of the dresses and then you can also see real pictures of actual people wearing them, not just the models. This was extremely helpful.

Here's the Nina Ricci Perfect Lara Lace Dress


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a full body picture of the dress, but I fell in love with it! It fit perfectly and if it didn’t cost thousands of dollars, I would totally buy it.


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