Your Own Personal Stylist…

November 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

Every weekend I get the opportunity to meet so many new people. That is definitely one of the perks of being in the business of hosting weddings and receptions. I met some of the most fascinating people I have ever met this past Friday night.

It was about 30 minutes before the ceremony. This always means organized chaos. Everyone is consumed with anticipation and nervousness, while we are tending to just about everything imaginable. It was amidst this organized chaos that time seemed to stand still as I met Leonardo and Louis. Louis, a fellow re-head grabbed my attention as he walked though the kitchen. We had a quick introduction and then insisted I meet his husband, Leonardo. Leonardo, a captivating Venezuelan, was holding the most beautiful clutch ever, full of show-stopping vintage jewelry for the bride. I quickly learned that Leo was a stylist. He was there to style the bride and create different looks for her throughout the evening. First of all, this is just genius! Why wouldn’t you have a stylist for your wedding day? I have never thought of this. Secondly, I just assumed stylists were only attainable if you were some kind of celebrity or socialite.

So, Leonardo has a boutique right here in Austin. Not only does he find you new articles of clothing and jewelry for you, but he also will come to your home, look through your closet, and style you based on what you already own! It is called Leonardo D’Almagro




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