Confessions of a Workaholic

November 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

So, I totally had a “Saved by the Bell” moment last night. You know, the one where Jessie has her infamous breakdown because she doesn’t have enough time to study for her test and perform with Hot Sundae. Yeah…that’s how I’m feeling. All the while super happy and grateful for everything at the moment. Between putting on 6 events in two weeks, meeting with new and potential brides, and having enough creative energy to blog, my brain literally hurts.

So, how do you find balance? Do you ever feel like you are working so hard that you are not really producing anything of worth at the end of the day? I started out needing this blog as an outlet for my creative energy. As a way to connect with people like me in hopes of showing at least one person something they would enjoy. I am constantly overwhelmed by you, the readers, that you take a minute out of your day to read something I’ve written.

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted and I feel sad that I’ve let the craziness of my life take over my time and the energy I’ve needed to blog. So how do you do it? How do you manage your time to be a good wife, sister, daughter, friend, business person, etc…?

So this is me in all honesty. I don’t always fully disclose my feelings like this. More than likely, if you were to ask me how I’m doing, I’d probably say, “Great!” But sometimes the truth needs to be said, or written. So, here I am processing my feelings for all of you to see. Maybe I’m not the only one…


§ One Response to Confessions of a Workaholic

  • The Gala Gal says:

    I appreciate your honesty, I often wondered how you found the time to do all that you do and to blog as much as you have been! So I am here to say do the best you can to balance it all out. Look at the list and put the most important at the top, your time with God, husband, family, business, & then blogging. No matter how often you do or don’t write a blog post, I will still be a faithful reader. Your brilliant ideas, research, and insight have been so helpful to me and have kept me on my toes. So if you have more packed into one blog entry as opposed to an entry every few days, we your faithful readers will still be here.
    You have so much on your plate,n especially during the wedding season! I can barely keep up with my two events per weekend, how you manage 6 is beyond me!!
    You are amazing and I love you bunches! Now I need to take a dose of my own recommendation and find my balance also.

    Love you!

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