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It’s no secret, fall is my favorite. Sorry, winter, spring, and summer. To me, fall colors are so demure, warming, and enticing. Here are some of my favorite fall boards.

Caramel and Cream

Snippet & Ink

Toasted Marshmallow

Snippet & Ink

Elegant Autumn

Snippet & Ink



TGI{DIY}Friday :: Chic Luminaries

October 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

This might be one of my favorite projects ever! Here is what you need…

Glass vase

Two different colors of tissue paper (light and dark). I used two different color combos…cream & gold and white & silver

Elmer’s glue (like the kind you used in elementary)

Small paint brush

Craft punch


Step 1

Make your tissue medallions with your craft punch. Mine is 1 1/2″ in diameter. You will probably want to make quite a bit, depending on how big your vase is and how many you are making.

Step 2

Make your paste. Mix the glue and water to make a milky paste. You want it to be sort of thick, not too runny. Make sure it is completely smooth and there are no clumps.

Step 3

Cover your vase in the tissue medallions. I used two different types of patterns while doing mine. My hands were pretty full while doing this project, so I couldn’t photograph myself in action.  I’ll post the picture I used as my guide.

Step 4

Continue gluing tissue medallions around the remainder of your vase until the entire thing is covered and painted in a coat of glue paste. If you hold your vase up to a window or light you will be able to see your pattern a bit better. You will need to use half pieces of tissue medallions to finish off the pattern around the top, in the same way you did when you started your pattern at the bottom. Make sure to set your luminaries aside to completely dry before putting candles inside.

For more on the inspiration behind this project, click here

Hair Couture :: Tousled & Teased

October 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

I realize that some of these hairstyles are a bit non-traditional for a bride, but looking at these unbridled coifs just leaves me wanting more for some reason. Love it or hate it, here are some hair styles I can’t stop swooning over.

The Messy Braid

Inspiration Boards :: Love & Slate

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Happy Saturday everyone! I just wanted to start off by saying thank you so much to all who read this blog! Your time spent reading means so very much to me and I appreciate each and every one of you as I try my hand out at this blogging thing.

I have put together some of my favorite color combinations on this Inspiration Board Saturday. My new favorite color right now is slate. It is really pairing beautifully with almost every color right now. Don’t save it for winter, because it is hot for fall and will be in the spring too!

Red & Slate

Blush & Slate

Navy, Blush, & Slate

From Snippet & Ink

TGI{DIY}Firday :: Milk It For All It’s Worth

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I love this project so much! In the wedding business, you tend to accumulate a ton of vases. They all start to look the same after a while, so I wanted to change the vases up a bit. I found out it is super easy and cheap to recreate a vintage milk glass with the vases I already have. This project can be done with vases or any type of glass, but works best with a textured surface.

Here’s the look…


Textured glass

Glass cleaner

White Spray Paint (Krylon in Flat White)

Step 1:

Find the glass pieces you want to use. You might be surprised what you find. If you absolutely don’t have anything, you can always look at thrift stores.

Step 2:

Wipe down your glass with glass cleaner. Remove all dirt and dust. If there was a price tag or sticker, remove and wipe off the gummy residue.

Find a good place outdoors and put a tarp or plastic down. Spray carefully and evenly.

Step 3:

Let glasses completely dry overnight before you fill with water and flowers.

Step 4:

Enjoy your beautiful new milk glasses!

For more on this project, click here

The News At Your Fingertips…Literally

October 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

I stumbled upon this little beauty trick for the nails and just found it too cool not to share.

Here’s What You Need…

OPI Samoan Sand, or any light nail color

Vodka or rubbing alcohol

10 strips of newspaper big enough to cover each nail

NARS Top Coat, or any top coat


Here’s How You Do It…

Apply the neutral nail polish and allow to dry.

Dip each nail into the vodka or rubbing alcohol.

Press a large strip of newspaper onto the top of each soaked nail. Hold in place for about 30 seconds without moving.

Remove the newspaper slowly and seal it with the top coat.



The Bachelorette Party :: Decadence, Not Debauchery

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Based on my title, don’t assume I don’t love a good ole’ fashioned night of bachelorette fun, cause I do. But, maybe there are other options. The main thing you should keep in mind when planning a bachelorette party/weekend is to know what the bride wants.

We are in the era of parties. Whether it’s dinner with friends, lunch with the girls, engagement parties, bridal soirees, or the wedding, a well-thought out plan, elegance, and being the hostess-with-the-mostess is of utmost importance. Why not put those party planning principles into a bachelorette party?

Here are some ideas and examples for a decadent and elegant bachelorette party…

Beachy Bachelorette

Not everyone lives close enough to a great beach, but that’s why maybe you should make a weekend of it. Get your closest girlfriends and head to the coast. What better way to spend your best friend’s last days of singleness than laying on the beach.

Photography: The Why We Love

Fruits, veggies, yummy drinks, and sun. I can’t think of anything better.

Photography: The Why We Love

The oranges, corals, and greens are a perfect accent to the blue ocean. Why not throw in some comfy beach furniture. Who wouldn’t want to lay on a pillow on the beach?

Photography: The Why We Love

Photography: Kevin & Danielle of The Why We Love / Location: Leo Carilla State Park, Malibu, CA / Barber Shop Paper Straws: Janean of Due Design Daily / Flowers: Julianne DaSilva / Food: Trader Joe’s / Hair, Makeup & Styling: Rachel Poulson

For more on this super chic and cool bachelorette party, check it out on 100 Layer Cake.

Wine Tasting

This kind of party can be pulled off on two different kinds of budgets. If you want to go away for the weekend to a place like Napa or Sonoma, you will need to budget accordingly. If you want a simple day of wine tasting on a smaller budget and don’t have access to a winery, here’s a super fun idea.

Photography: Michael Bullock

Photography: Michael Bullock

Photography: Michael Bullock

Photography: Michael Bullock

What a simple, but classy party to throw. All you need is a couple of types of wine. Here, Rose was the wine of choice. Gourmet cheeses and a couple of other appetizers and you have set yourself up for a great afternoon of yummy drinks, food, and great conversation.

Photography: Michael Bullock / Coordination & Styling: Camille Styles / Floral & Event Design: Kristen Caissie / Furniture: Liv By Design + Austin’s World of Rentals / Calligraphy: Pretty Pen Jen

For more on this fabulous party, check it out on Style Me Pretty

Spa Day

Well, there’s not a whole lot I need to say about this one. Every girl knows a day where you can walk around in a robe and slippers and be pampered is the best day ever.

Definitely check out the spas in your area and see find one that would be a good fit for your group.

Austin people, check out Lake Austin Spa Resort

There are so many fun ways you can celebrate with your group of girlfriends. Any of these ideas would be great for even a plain girls’ weekend.

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