Golden Glows: Sunless Tanning Tips

September 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Summer is technically over, but the heat isn’t totally gone. This means I still need to have a tan, but I don’t have the time and the sun is becoming less powerful. So, I opt for the spray tan. Don’t get me wrong, I love the creams, specifically Jergens, but I can’t always get that full body tan like when I get a spray tan. Yes, they are a little risky if you don’t follow all the rules of a spray tan. If you do follow the rules, you can be one hot, bronze goddess.

Here’s what I do:


Shower.  Make sure you don’t use an oil-based soap because it will leave a residue that will create a barrier between your skin and the tan.

Shave. You definitely want to do this before because this is a natural exfoliator. If you shave after the tan, you will take the color off.

Exfoliate. It’s important to scrub all the dead skin off so the tan will adhere. The tan will come off with the dead skin.

Do not moisturize. This too, will create a barrier between your skin and the tan.

Wear something loose-fitting and dark. If you can wear a strapless bra and a strapless maxi dress. Make sure it isn’t white either.

At The Salon:

Moisturize your joints, hands and feet. Elbows and knees are drier than other parts of the body which means they can absorb more of the solution, which means splotchy. Put a little moisturizer on the knees and elbow as well as the bottom of your feet and the palms of your hands.

Know your poses. Whether someone is painting you or you are alone in the chamber, make sure you know exactly how to stand and when to change poses. You may feel stupid, but you will feel even more stupid later if your tan is messed up.

Do Not Drip Dry. As soon as you finish, look for any drips or streaks down your body. Make sure and blot any drips with a towel. Most times there will be a huge fan to dry you off. Make sure you are completely dry before you put your clothes back on.

Cuticles. Wipe down cuticles with a baby wipe to prevent dirty looking fingers later.

Post Tan:

No sweating, showering, or shaving. Eventually you can, just wait eight hours before doing so.

Moisturize. Now, you can go to town on the moisturizer. Keeping your skin hydrated will stretch the life of your tan by preventing the dead skin from taking off your tan.

Spot Check. As your tan develops, you may see some trouble spots around your ankles, feet, or hands. You can easily exfoliate these areas to blend your tan evenly.

Take it all off. If you are done with your tan and want to take it off before it naturally wears off, just soak in a hot, chlorinated whirlpool and it will speed the de-tanning process along.

*A good, well-kept spray tan should last about eight days.



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