Cake Couture

September 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

A great way to add a little personality and fashion into a wedding is through the cake. The viewing of the wedding cake by guests has always been of great importance, but even more so now. The cake is a true reflection of the bride’s style and can be a remarkable focal for the event.

Here are some of the ways cake has become couture…

Ruffles are for Romance

This look is so dainty and love-inspired. The look makes me smile.

Elegant Embroidery

This vintage feel makes it look like a piece of antique clothing.


The dimensions on a beaded cake are so intriguing. Just hope no one is compelled to touch…

Sassy Shimmer and Sequins

For the “flashy” bride 🙂

It seems like the possibilities for cake are endless. Basically, if you have a vision, it can be done. Make sure your cake is not only beautiful, but tastes amazing too. People will forget how beautiful your cake was if the taste doesn’t match or out stand the look.



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