Birds of a feather flock together

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I was little, my mom always warned me against touching stray feathers because of the possible diseases birds carry. That caution towards feathers has remained in me to this day. So now that feathers are all the rage, I’m slowly warming up to the idea. Not only are they rapidly popping up in jewelry and clothing, but in hair extensions too. The feather hair extensions are made of rooster feathers. They happen to be the most durable and flexible.

They range in length from 4-12 inches

They can last 1-4 months depending on how you care for them

Price is $30+

You can wash and style just like you would your own hair

So why feathers? There seems to be a fascination with savage beauty. It’s very organic and earthy, but with a little flair. Some designers even started incorporating the use of feathers as an homage to the late Alexander McQueen and his latest collection. No matter why it started, the trend is here and shows no signs of leaving us any time soon. Here are some of the latest feather trends in the wedding world…

For more on the feather hair extensions, take a look at the Fine Featherheads website


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